Human Capital Group - HR outsourcing & Human resource management as a service.

HR managment as a service.

Talent management services.

Human Capital Group specializes in providingHR management and talented professionals. Talented people who can take your business to greater heights. We as a leader in Qatar in staffing and talent management services.

Human Capital Group is aware that intelligent human resource management & recruiting strategy goes well beyond filling vacancies. We realized the rising demands for job opportunities in and around Qatar. That’s why we started offering the best recruitment and staffing solutions for corporate clients. However, the real value is finding a recruiting partner that can help you keep your talent at a high level. For example, we can help you find and deploy the best talent.

Firstly, our target is to provide your business with all skill levels. In other words, entry-level to executive. Above all, assisting you to retain the people you need most. Anywhere your company does business. And every account will be deployed by a skilled specialist. Subsequently, keeping industry-leading recruitment techniques. We promise to keep the best relationships in the recruitment life cycle. In conclusion, we dedicate a highly-skilled and experienced team to your needs. Meanwhile, efficiently support high volumes of recruitment administration and HR operation.

HRMS consultancy

Human Capital Group is aware that an intelligent Human resource operation & recruiting Our consultants specialize in specific industries and offer recruitment consultancy services to clients in their respective fields. And because of this focus, our consultants can provide a better understanding of the talent pool available for the specific role. In addition, they are familiar with our client’s businesses, which allows them to offer unique perspectives that help clarify their needs and result in better quality hiring decisions.

HR management key services.

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Consultancy and Coaching
  • Crisis Handling in HRM
  • Employment Data & Record operation
  • Payroll operation
  • Head Hunting
  • Senior Management Team Placement 
  • Staffing & Work Force Planning