Empowering Business And People Who Drive It.

We dedicate the finest talent. Certainly, the best skills in the market. But, most importantly, we focus on being the best outsourcing company in Qatar.


We have a team of business experts. Similarly, they study the market to provide you with the best outsourcing services. Therefore, rest assured that all your needs are under one roof. But, most importantly, tailored to your specific needs.

HR Management

We dedicate a team of highly skilled. And well-experienced individuals. As a result, we are able to handle large volumes of recruitment administration efficiently.


Human Capital Group can find the best talent in the market. After that deployed. Certainly, all skill levels. In other words, from entry-level positions to executive positions.​

Business Outsourcing

As a result of utilizing the skills of outsourced talent, You can improve your operations while cutting your costs. For instance, you can use the expertise to focus on non-core operations.

Training & Development

Our training programs are highly customized and well designed. Above all, tailor it to meet the training needs of your organization.

Call Centre & Virtual Office

Complete call center and virtual answering services. Or, in other words, virtual receptionists that work with an automated system.

Business Consultancy

We can manage all aspects of your program. For instance, our Business Model Canvas service capabilities can fit all your business needs.



Human Capital Group has worked on many projects in Qatar. Therefore, accumulating a greater reputation as a well-established outsourcing company. Consequently, accumulating more experience. Meanwhile, continuing to provide its clients with the best service possible.

Why Choose Us?

High Performance

Firstly, when it comes to performance, we always ensure that our team is fully aware of our expectations. Secondly, we promote an open and trusting relationship with resources. Thirdly, we aspire to lead in business management and problem-solving.


We make sure that resources are well aware of our expectations. But, most importantly, meeting the client’s expectations. In other words, the difference between acceptable and unacceptable results. Certainly, ensure maintained communication. However, e are fully aware of real-world challenges. However, we are committed to providing the best service in the market. 

Our strengths

The complete solution

We understand your business needs. Likewise, we are willing to work with you. Meanwhile, achieve the optimum result. Our business solutions and staffing services cover all aspects of the entire development life cycle. We provide many solutions, such as HR management as a service, business consulting, training, virtual call centers, recruitment, and more.

The best outsourcing company

Firstly, we are a one-stop solution. Therefore, ready to cover all your needs. In addition to ensuring a smooth experience. Certainly, we also promise to remove any headaches from your shoulders. Secondly, we keep constantly investing in technology. Meanwhile, planning well-informed strategies. As a result, we have accumulated many years of experience. Therefore, covering a diverse spectrum of industries. Meanwhile, offering the highest level of reliability. In short, we have gained the best reputation. While accumulating more experience every day. Subsequently aspire to remain the most reliable outsourcing company in Qatar.

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